Suga prepared a special surprise for BTS and ARMY


Suga reunites with BTS and ARMY across the distance to celebrate the premiere of “BE”, the idol prepared a surprise for everyone.

The rapper of the K-pop group BigHit is excited for the group’s new comeback; However, despite the records they have reached with “BE” and “Life Goes On”, the sadness of missing Suga was present, as the idol will be absent from promotions due to his shoulder surgery, but that is not he stopped him to thank ARMY with a surprise.

Through the VLive platform, BTS held a sleepover to celebrate the premiere of “BE”, the boys held the party in the middle of a room, with pajamas, costumes that included Suga, who prepared a special video to convey a message special to his teammates and ARMY, because his absence will be missed during the presentations.

BTS and ARMY did not expect to see him, since the BTS rapper is still in recovery, but he decided to join the party like any ARMY and recorded a video to thank the support of the fans, he assured them that he is resting and is grateful for being able to greet them even from a distance.


After playing their video, the BTS boys received a surprise call during their live broadcast, Suga shared that he was listening to the album and joined the stream of “BE”, repeating it over and over again, he also assured that he was relieved of that their colleagues have been able to continue with the programmed activities despite their absence.

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During their phone conversation, Yoongi explained that he is still unable to perform movements with his left arm and Jin decided to joke by asking him if he could still play rock-paper-scissors. LOL He was also asked to sing “Telepathy”, a song written by the rapper during his stay in “In the SOOP” in retro pop style, the idol earned the congratulations of BTS after his improvisation, although he clarified that the recordings cost him a bit for the vocal tones used.

Bangtan also had fun with Suga’s presence on the set, as they decided to take a gigantography of the idol, each one took selfies next to his figure, curious about the height of his partner, because the cardboard was much smaller than him, They even put some lipstick on her when they dressed up.

Finally, Suga reiterated her support for “BE”, as she assured that they made an effort and involved a lot in this album, she also asked ARMY not to be sad, because her rest will allow her to return improved. Rehabilitation after your operation could begin next week. The idol decided to share a photo on Weverse while following the VLive broadcast.

The boys of BTS also sent a special message to Suga during their live broadcast, as the group are 7 stars that light up the ARMY universe.


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