Suga pays a special visit to the Texas Rangers game


Min Yoongi was caught in an enclosure where a Texas Rangers baseball game was held. BTS’s Suga is a very creative artist, in addition to being one of the most talented rappers of his generation, he has also worked in creating a very large career in music production and is the lyricist for hundreds of tracks registered in his name.

Along with his BTS colleagues, he has visited many countries and despite having one of the busiest schedules in the world of Korean entertainment, the Bangtan Boys member takes time to enjoy his hobbies.

The routines and long training sessions with his teammates are exhausting, so Min Yoongi is a faithful follower of watching sports, including basketball, he is a big fan of the entertaining competitions of this famous sport.

Suga was caught in the stands of an enclosure while he was watching a very close baseball game, specifically of the Texas Rangers, the presence of the idol did not go unnoticed and a fan took some photos of the interpreter of “Daechwita”.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and mass bans in a single space, so that players of various sports feel accompanied and encouraged by the audience, stadium managers chose to fill the thousands of empty seats with some posters and cardboard posters of people. So the presence of the people is not like before, but it makes a difference.

Many fans of the Texas Rangers sent their photo to be part of the spectators of the game and an ARMY placed the photo of Suga, the idol appears in his chair at the end of a row and very smiling posed for the photograph of the memory.

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The image of the rapper of the Bangtan Boys now adorns the imposing seats of the place, what do you think of the idea of ​​using posters to fill the games?

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