Suga organizes a question session and makes his fans laugh


The BTS rapper set out to respond to ARMY’s curiosity, but memes took center stage in this dynamic.

The BTS guys have been very active on the networks this season, so that distance does not impede their interaction with ARMY . This time it was Suga who announced his return to Twitter from the group’s account and, to encourage better interaction, the idol said he was willing to answer questions from his followers .

With a tweet , the idol announced the question and answer session that he would keep together with his fans on said platform and, although the result was different from what was expected, it also became an extremely fun moment .

While Suga’s proposed hashtag kept increasing their numbers on Twitter , fans were sending messages to this idol, however, to make it easier, some ARMYs chose to translate their questions into Korean with the help of internet sites .

Despite being a helpful tool, the accuracy of these systems may not always be as desired, misinterpreting sentences or changing their context and, after noticing it in several of the tweets that were being sent to the idol , the fandom began to have fun with said situation.

BTS fans in Latin America were the ones who took this opportunity to highlight their effort when trying to communicate with Suga , but they did it in a fun way where memes could not be missed, turning this question session into a space to laugh at the difficulty involved this interaction due to the difference in language, imagining scenarios where the translator carried the wrong message to the idol .

Following this, a new reason to have fun appeared when they noticed that, although he organized this dynamic himself, Suga left without answering any of the questions, so they did not rule out the possibility that he would be confused by poorly translated messages.


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