Suga opens his heart and reveals his fear of being forgotten


The rapper joined BTS during the 2021 Golden Disk Awards and gave a message for the group’s followers. After a long absence from group activities, Suga showed how well his recovery from surgery is going and took part in the awards show, revealing the fear he faced while resting.

A few months ago, Yoongi underwent a surgical procedure to treat the injury to his shoulder that had bothered his for years, however, that meant staying out of promotions for the BE release and he was also unable to be part of the end-of-show shows. year that BTS offered.

Suga has not lost contact with his followers and usually shares some information about his day to day, as well as the evolution in his recovery, but now that the rapper appeared again on television, the fans welcomed him after hearing the message that this boy shared.


The boys of BTS appeared on the stage of the Golden Disk Awards 2021 to receive the bonsang they obtained during the first day of the awards, several members appreciated the support of the fans, but without a doubt seeing Suga together with them brought a large number of emotions for ARMY .

During the group’s speech, the Daegu-born took the microphone and announced that he was finally back, but admitted that after two months of absence he felt like he was being forgotten.

I thought I should come back as soon as possible. I’m trying my best not to be forgotten

Although the group members joked about this, the boy’s words reached the heart of ARMY, who quickly took over social media to share messages welcoming Suga .

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