Suga named “Best Male Rapper” by Dabeme Pop


For his talent and charisma Suga, the idol of BTS, was named the “Best Male Rapper” by Dabeme Pop. Incredible!

Suga, is a songwriter, producer, and one of the BTS rappers who has been chosen as the winner in Dabeme Pop’s “Dabeme Best Male Rapper” poll, which means that he has been crowned the “Best Male Rapper”.

Dabeme Pop is an online voting site where the public has the opportunity to vote for their idols in various categories. Suga was competing against 14 other rappers, but he turned out to be the winner. Dabeme Pop announced the voting results on YouTube.

Results of “Dabeme Best Rapper” where Suga was the winner

Suga, who was recognized by professionals for his production skills and recognized by the public for his talent and charisma, is also a skilled rapper whose mixtapes discuss issues such as his struggles with depression, fame or social life and even his phobias His raw and honest lyrics that he performs with Agust D, as well as his rapping skills, are known among fans and critics.

Although it has been a complicated year worldwide, 2020 has been a successful year for Min Yoong, better known as Suga, since three videos with songs produced by him became the most watched music videos by a Korean soloist. They are: Daechwita, from his latest D-2 mixtape that topped Itunes Chart in 101 countries, Eight, a song he produced and co-wrote with IU, and Shadow a song promoting BTS’s latest album, Map Of The Soul: 7.

That’s why we leave you the second mixtape D-2 by Suga. Do not forget to listen to the songs he has as a soloist and his collaborations.

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