Suga may release ‘Agust D 2’ sooner than you think


The rapper from Big Hit Entertainment has gradually revealed some tracks from his second solo album.

Yoongi assured that in a short time ARMY will be able to enjoy ‘ Agust D 2’. For the second time, Yoongi shared with his fans an incredible moment in his radio show through VLive ‘DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13’ where he was honest about various topics, not only about BTS but about his career as an independent musician.

Yoongi answered several questions from his listeners in the company of a very special guest, the leader of BTS , RM who was during the entire broadcast with his friend giving the fans incredible moments.

ARMY he questioned Yoongi on progress and when his would launch second mixtape ‘Agust D 2’ and rapper confessed that he was producing the tracks, was scheduled to premiere in September of the year 2019 , but was not satisfied with the outcome of their work, so he decided to restructure the idea of ​​the album and do it again.

The BTS rapper ended by calming his fans who are excited to hear more of Suga’s music , ‘they won’t have to wait that long’, ensuring that his second solo album will be out soon.

Suga is an artist who remains firm in his style of expression, with his lyrics that explore a part that does not let ARMY see much as his worries and fears, which makes all his melodies full of feelings and rhythm, a very good combination.

3 years ago Suga surprised his fans by revealing his full mixtape without warning, ‘Agust D’ with two videos, ‘Give me to Me’ which has over 37 million views on the Big Hit Labels YouTube channel and ‘Agust D’ main track from his first solo album, which has more than 92 million views on the same platform.

Since the rapper has been publishing several drafts, fans believe that the premiere of ‘Agust D 2’ is closer than ever because it is the same signal that Yoongi gave on social networks before releasing his record material.

A few days ago Lee Ji Eun or better known as I U i reported that he would make his comeback with a collaboration in which Suga had been working on voice and production called ‘Eight’ and the singer of ‘Zezé’ did not hesitate to give a small preview of its melody.

Listen to DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13 with RM by clicking here.


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