Suga Makes All BTS Laugh With His Peculiar Ball Game


Suga has a funny moment with his companions through sports. The boys of BTS have put themselves to the test while meeting fun challenges, but when it comes to sports Suga gives us a lot of fun.

Thanks to shows like RUN BTS , we got to know the idols’ personalities beyond the stage, but also their abilities . We usually see them trying new things and that sense of challenge makes racing more exciting for them.

Sometimes it is about dexterity, good memory, knowledge of the language of fashion, video games, and even sports , but these practices sometimes go out of the ordinary and surprise us with much more fun.

On one occasion, idols played in teams using a ball and a net, but their game was a combination of volleyball because there was a net in the middle of the court and soccer, since they had to pass the ball only with their feet.


This interesting modality took the BTS idols by surprise, but each one adapted little by little, however, that was a bit complicated for Suga and although the rapper tried, again and again, his shots did not turn out as he expected.

RM started encouraging him to get good results, but little by little he lost his patience and gave us a fun moment where he complained to his partner about the failure of a blow.

Also, all the other Bangtan Sonyeondan members kept laughing at these reactions and the game let us see that Yoongi doesn’t give up even when everything seems difficult.


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