Suga lost his wallet and BTS member turned guilty


How did Suga take this strange event? This BTS member kept the rapper searching for his wallet for days.

The members of BTS have always been characterized by sharing stories of funny situations that have happened between them, however, not everything is honey on flakes for everyone.

On this occasion, Suga shared the story when his wallet disappeared for several days and another member of BTS turned out to be the culprit.

In a behind-the-scenes clip for episode 8 of the reality show In the SOOP, BTS has been talking about their memories of sometimes wearing the clothes of another member of the famous K-Pop group.

Suga and Jin are peeled over a wallet?

Jin revealed that he made a slight change to his jacket to increase the “garment’s identity,” preventing RM from thinking it was his. “I used to have to do that so everyone could identify their shirts,” Jin confided.

But RM isn’t the only one who “stormed” the other siblings’ wardrobe.

Suga then also talked about a time when Jin borrowed his jacket with everything on it.

“One time, Jin took my jacket to wear, with my wallet,” Suga said.

Jin without hesitation reminds Min Yoon-gi that he returned the entire shirt and wallet to him after finishing, but 3 days later.

Jin jokingly insisted that he just wanted to screw things up for fun. Then, with his unique style, Jin quickly changed the subject by commenting on how cold the weather was.

The ARMY thought that this little incident was going to cause BTS members Jin and Suga to get into a fight, however it was a moment they remember with great grace.

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