Suga and Jimin proved to have an incredible friendship


Suga and Jimin proved to have an incredible friendship. These two idols apart from discovering the same passion, life brought them together and have created a loving relationship.

Fate united Suga and Jimin in Big Hit , they have become great adventure companions.

During the meetings with fans , they have not wasted time asking them what the secret of their strong friendship is , and at a fan meeting in 2015, an ARMY group asked Suga what Jimin represented in his life and what was the meaning of the singer being on his way, to which he replied: He is a person I want to take care of him.

Since they get along so well and their interactions look very nice over time, Jimin has said that Suga is completely compatible with him, because although their personalities look different they feel good to have the faithful friendship they have.

Both Jimin and Suga will admire , have made clear that they both know who have fought different battles to be in the place, not only within BTS , also individually, as they have reached their dream and amid that have known wonderful people who make the load less heavy …

Tony Montana
Although this song was originally included in the Suga mixtape , in collaboration with Yankie, Jimin was invited to perform it together with his friend, and he gave ARMY a beautiful moment full of talent.

Idol Star Athletics Championships
It is well known that Suga loves sports, plus basketball, during some ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’, Jimin and the rapper demonstrated their solid friendship by supporting each competition, even the singer, I sobo a little to the singer of ‘The Last’ .

Before, during the birthday of Suga , the ever carried out various activities to celebrate with the fans, Jimin was always there to help you plan and share moments with ARMY .

The way they are treated
Jimin has said on many occasions that although Suga sees that his personality is cold, actually when you meet him and he opens his heart , he is warm, when he shares his feelings and thoughts, he feels comfortable, he knows how to say the right word .

Suga Permissive
Apparently Suga allows Jimin to carry out activities that the other members of the group would not give permission, as in this case in which to celebrate a win Jimin decides to carry the BTS rapper on his back and he does not put up resistance.

This video emerged during an interaction between these two great friends at a concert, it is seen how each one gives his support and they want to show themselves seriously with a hug in front of all ARMY who are in the audience .

From the hands
The coexistence of the members can be faithfully seen during one of their presentations or when they give their concerts, this time, to thank the public that is going to see them, Jimin and Suga , held hands, which speaks They have a nice friendship and feel comfortable together.