Suga and Jimin fulfill ARMY’s dream


These two idols increase the excitement of their fans with their friendly interactions.BTS members heard ARMY’s greatest wishes .

Suga and Jimin have a great friendship , since they entered Big Hit Entertainment as trainees, the trust grew between them, fans love to see the interactions of these two idols who for a time had not shared photos together, until today.

The BTS guys are preparing for the ‘ Bang Bang Con ‘ this April 18 and 19 consisting of a series of concerts that will be broadcast on his YouTube channel, this was one of the great surprises for all his followers, because in quarantine times you can enjoy 4 presentations per day.

Are you ready to see your favorite idols on stage ?, because Jimin and Suga already are, through an update on their Instagram account this duo shared a video in stories with their Army Bomb announcing the countdown to ‘ Bang Bang Con ‘.

The fans to seeing the selfie of Jimin and Suga together celebrated two things, to finally see a new image of the pair and know that increasingly requires less to enjoy concerts BTS from the comfort of your home.

It was recently revealed that BTS was working on a new collaboration with ‘Bodyfriend’, releasing a series of fun and very relaxing videos that you can’t miss.


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