Suga is undergoing surgery and will take a break


Suga has received messages of love from ARMY after BigHit revealed that he underwent surgery for a shoulder injury he has suffered from several years ago. The company representing BTS gave more details about the rapper’s health and recovery as the K-Pop band’s comeback approaches.

As BTS and ARMY prepare for the band’s comeback with their long-awaited album ‘BE’, BigHit gave an unexpected update on Suga’s health. It is well known by fans that the rapper has been battling for years with an injury to his left shoulder, which he has even spoken about in his songs, catharting his pain.

During the second day of BTS’s ‘Map of the Soul ON: E’ online concert, Suga informed ARMY that he had hurt his shoulder again, but that he was feeling better and they had nothing to worry about. However, weeks later, the idol made the decision to undergo surgery in order to end his problem at its roots.

This November 6, BigHit issued a statement informing about Suga’s decision to undergo surgery in order to enjoy good health, prepare for his future and be able to spend more time with ARMY without worrying about hurting his shoulder again.


According to an official statement from BigHit Entertainment, Suga underwent surgery on November 3 due to a tear in his left shoulder. The operation was carried out in the most optimal and uncomplicated way, currently the BTS rapper is resting and will continue to do so for the following weeks until he has fully recovered.

Suga’s doctor’s instructions were very clear that he must be in total rest, which is why the idol will pause all his activities and take a break from his music career with BTS, Yoongi will not be able to promote with his peers at the band’s end-of-year events or at the comeback with their new album ‘BE’.

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Suga’s shoulder problems arose in 2012 when he had an accident before debuting with BTS, resulting in a painful dislocation. Since then, the idol has not been in good health as, over the years, his shoulder has represented a constant risk despite all the treatments that he has undergone for 8 years.

The constant rehabilitations were not enough, so the surgical intervention seemed to be the best option for Suga to return to a normal life, the injuries to his shoulder were affecting both his daily life and his activities together. to BTS.

In 2019, Suga was diagnosed with a posterior labrum tear in his left shoulder. What does this mean? The idol suffered from a tear in the cartilage surrounding the head of the humerus, resulting in him having constant problems and pain when moving his arm. During such surgeries, tears are sutured or loose tissue is cleaned.

After his operation, Suga will continue in physical therapy to be able to recover in the best way. The interpreter of ‘Daechwita’ would have made this decision to prepare to fulfill his mandatory military service soon, enjoy a more stable good health and be able to be with ARMY without worrying about his shoulder.

Suga also sent a message to his fans asking them not to worry too much, as it makes him feel even more pain. The idol apologized as he is aware of how much his followers care about him and asked that they understand that it was his chance to regain his health. Despite him leaving for a while, Yoongi assured ARMY that he will return better than ever.

After the news of Suga’s surgery broke, many fans of the band have become concerned about him and have left messages of encouragement everywhere. Through Weverse, Taehyung responded to a follower concerned about the idol’s health, assuring her that Yoongi is fine after the operation and that he is


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