Suga is excited about Dynamite’s success


BTS, the most internationally recognized South Korean group, has had success after success, but Suga was more than happy with the number one spot on Billboard.

A few days ago the guys from BTS had an interview on MBC Radio’s “Bae Chul-soo’s Music Camp” where they talked about the great success that “Dynamite” has had which appears as number one on Billboard, in fact it was Suga who described a general feeling of the members.

BTS made history last month by becoming the first South Korean artist to top Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart with their album-pop single “Dynamite” and K-pop group member Suga, when asked if the group anticipated the stellar performance of “Dynamite” said:

“It would be a lie to say we weren’t expecting (to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100)”, “But also leading the chart in week two, we didn’t expect that. We thought we could potentially top the chart in week one if we were lucky. “.

And regarding the tremendous success that BTS has had as well as their future goals, the boys also did not shy away from their aspirations for a possible Grammy nomination in the United States.

Suga and the guitar

Among other things and remembering RM’s birthday, one of the things that has surprised his is the incredible way in which Suga plays the guitar, since he surprised with his appearance on V Live playing the guitar.

In fact, Yoongi has a collection of guitars and the one he used to celebrate the leader of the band, a black model that this idol used in the broadcast also aroused great interest because it is an instrument of the Martin Johnny Cash brand DX2.

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But this is not the only guitar that Yoongi owns, since he had previously shown others from a collection of re-designs created to honor great legends of music.

Some fans think that it could be one of the instruments that were re-designed by none other than Chris Martin IV, the director of C.F. Martin & Company.


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