Suga in great concept photos from the album “BE”


Idol Suga of the group BTS stole the hearts of fans in his new photos for the new album.

“BE” is an album that BTS ARMY is eagerly awaiting for release, as the septet has contributed to all aspects of the album’s creation.

It was a big dream for the members to make an album from start to finish of their own free will and in a few days, the fandom will bear fruit in BTS’s blood, sweat, and tears.

What is especially intriguing about BE is the concept of “life goes on” along with the underlying message about “mirror” and “reflection”, considering 2020; a year that has made us question everything.

The fascinating BE concept photos of the individual members that have been shared so far on social media show the members selecting their own rooms as part of the photoshoot.

This time at Somagnews, we have Suga welcoming us to her handcrafted room that screams ‘blue’ and with good reason.

What do the new photos of Suga mean?

Explaining the importance of blue in his life, Yoongi explains, “Hello everyone, welcome to Suga’s room. I am the curator, Suga. Blue is an important color to me, so the overall theme of the room is the color blue”.

“Different shades of blue were used in this room because the freshness of the perfect combination of white and blue imparts unsurpassed charm in a room adorned purely in white,” he revealed.

“There’s a soft pastel blue, a heavy velvety blue, and a deep blue like the Jeju seas. I wonder what these blues mean to you.” Given Yoongi’s great interest in interior design, you can see how she strikes a balance between complex and simplicity in the room.

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It’s also a guessing game about which object in the room best represents the 27-year-old rapper.

However, Suga quickly solves the riddle by revealing: “What objects in this room do you think represent me best? The metal spheres on the floor, the chain around my neck, a pair of slippers that I wore without think? The highlight of this room is the mirror. ”

“A mirror is a special object. It shows a reflection of you, letting you know that you really exist in the here and now. All members participated in the making of our latest BE album in order for it to be a true and faithful reflection of who we are. , and that makes me look forward to this album even more, “expressed the idol.

As for her favorite outfit, Yoongi adorned a blue velvet ensemble with a matching T-shirt and slip-on sandals, while accessing it with a chain and Dior bangles.

Hoop earrings and black hair combed to the side completed the comfortably elegant look. In Suga’s own words, “My outfit is in the blue tone of the room, in my own stylistic interpretation.”

As Suga himself said, reflection plays a key factor in his curated room as it does with BE as a concept. On several occasions, Yoongi has confessed how blue has been a reassuring factor in his life, giving him a serene semblance of the world we live in.

Very recently, the rapper’s painting also emphasized the various shades of blue. Therefore, Yoongi using blue as a general theme to share with ARMY makes perfect sense as he is imparting that reassurance to the world.


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