Suga: I can collaborate with Rapper Logic


Suga, the idol of BTS, could soon give us a big surprise and collaborate with rapper Logic, watch out ARMY!

Visionary Music Group, a company that rapper Logic runs, tweeted a video of Logic talking about a possible collaboration with BTS’s Suga.

Logic, which has its own channel on Twitch, often answers questions from fans. Earlier this year, Suga visited Logic’s home and the two shared photos from the meeting. Fans of both artists assumed they must have worked together to create new music, but Logic and Suga did not appear on each other’s albums: Suga released “D-2” in May, while Logic released their latest album “No Pressure” on. July and there was no collaboration.

Later the rapper Logic announced his retirement with the release of “No Pressure” something that was confirmed on his last album. However, his response to one of the fans confirmed that he could still be active through collaborations on other artists’ releases. His response gives fans of Logic and Suga hope for a possible collaboration.

Possible collaboration of Suga and Logic

So it’s possible that BTS rapper Suga will soon be collaborating and making music with Logic. In the Visionary Music Group account the video of Logic talking about Suga was published, in the publication you could read:

“Logic showing love to @ BTS_twt’s Yoongi during her last Twitch live stream”

So fans of Suga are hopeful that the BTS rapper has a surprise in store soon.

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