Suga, his hobby that helps him get rid of his worries


With postcards titled “Dear ARMY,” BTS’s Suga and J-Hope asked ARMY some sweet questions.

BTS has announced their upcoming album “BE” and since the announcement, the members have been teasing the release on various occasions. For the past week, they took over BTS’s Instagram account to display the BE filter on the platform.

Previously, Namjoon, Mochi, Taehyung, Jin, and Jungkook had written postcards to address the ARMY, and now Suga and J-Hope are joining the postcard clan. Nicknamed “Dear ARMY,” each member poured their heart into the open letters and asked the fandom to write to them.

Suga reveals his new activity to ARMY

In the postcard written by Suga and J-hope of the popular group, the “Dynamite” singers asked fans what BTS means to them and what brings them comfort personally.

On her postcard, Suga wrote: “Lately I like to play the guitar. All my worries disappear when I play the guitar! Dear ARMY, what does BTS mean to you? ”

To which fans quickly responded: “BTS means everything to me, my role models, my friends forever, my doctor who heals me through his music, my teacher who inspires me to be better me and love myself. same. Thanks for being my everything. I love you BTS ”.

Another ARMY also said, “What does BTS mean to me? OMG such a simple but difficult question to answer. Whenever I think of BTS it’s just pure love and I don’t think I can put it into words completely. BTS has helped me to help myself, to love myself and for that I will always be grateful to them. ”

On the other hand, J-Hope’s postcard also raised a pertinent question for the ARMY, as he wrote: “We were only able to get here thanks to all of you! Thank you for always being by our side. And … we miss you so much !! Dear ARMY, what are the words that comfort you the most?

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To which fans responded, “For me, one and only BTS is the word that comforts me the most in this world. Thanks to you in every bad difficult situation, BTS always comforts me and all ARMY. I love you.”

A fan also said: “#TO_BTS your music is what comforts me the most. There is some kind of magic in your music that heals every pain that I love you.”

In Somagnews we will keep you updated on the new album that is about to be released by the BangTan Boys. Did you like Suga and J-Hope’s letters?


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