Suga has the best alarm to wake you up in the morning


Suga has the most affective alarm for you to wake up in the morning. The idol and his fellow BTS members visited I-LAND, BigHit’s new survival reality show that is looking for the new generation of idols, who will make up the next K-pop group. The boys decided to share some tips with them and also gave them some gifts.

Suga, who on some occasions has made it clear that before being famous he received some criticism, has been characterized by defending herself through the rhymes of him alter ego, Agust D. The best of all knows that sometimes it is difficult to get ahead and. achieve your dreams.

Therefore, during their visit to I-LAND, Suga took into account the hours of practice and discipline so that they can be chosen and demonstrate why they are the best, so he left them a digital alarm clock, which can also be personalized and recorded a message.

“Wake up, wake up, this is not the time to sleep”, LOL Having this alarm on your cell phone or on your alarm clock will be of great help to encourage you to get out of bed in the morning, we know that it is difficult to comply with any routine and schedule, but yes you don’t try, you won’t get what you want.

The idol customized the ad to encourage I-LAND trainees, furthermore, he reminded them that physique isn’t everything, people will value you for your abilities. Can you imagine hearing her voice when you wake up? An effective way to cheer yourself up and start your day with BTS.

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