Suga gives RM an important recognition for his voice


Suga recognized RM’s presence and good voice with this important certificate. RM was awarded by Suga for being one of his best guests on the radio show KULL FM 06.13.

Suga and RM of BTS maintain a solid friendship since the group began as an idea of the agency Big Hit Entertainment, rappers and musicians moved closer thanks to their desire to make their dreams come true.

Min Yoongi this year completed many projects he had in mind, presented his second mixtape ‘D-2’, worked with IU on the hit song ‘ Eight ‘ and wrapped up 6 consecutive weeks of broadcasts of his radio show.

KULL FM 06.13 was the space where Suga lived with his fans, talked about his future plans and advanced some details of his musical productions, he also had his colleagues and colleagues from BTS as guests .

Suga presented the show KULL FM 06.13 via the Internet, although his show ‘Moonlight’ rapper has already finished , he wanted to acknowledge the efforts of his special guests with recognition for his good performance.

Earlier today, Min Yoongi named RM as ‘ Best Voice Actor’ on KULL FM 06.13 , in Namjoon’s recognition you can read:

Namjoon is rewarded for all his amazing voice skills in the game ‘Read with your voice’ on the radio show KULL FM 06.13

To celebrate the achievement of RM, the two boys from the BTS rap line uploaded three different photos to their Facebook account, where they posed very happy and smiling, showing the role that accredits Namjoon as ‘The Best Voice Actor’.

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Photo of RM and Suga on Facebook already has more than 42 thousand reactions of Internet users , has been shared 5 times and in the comment box ARMY is leaving loving messages for rappers of BTS .

Posted by BTS on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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