Suga from BTS will be Uncle What a thrill!


Singer Suga will be the best uncle in the world, after his almost brother Max announced his early paternity.

The rapper also known as August D received the great news that Max, one of his friends and American singer is about to be a father, and that the friendship between the two singers is so strong that the wife of the future father has revealed that it will surely be a great uncle, because at all times he has been part of the pregnancy.

The Idol and MAX have collaborated on several occasions, so they are not only friends personally, but also professionally have a very cordial relationship, an example of this is “Blueberry Eyes”, a romantic track that already exceeds the most of 20 million views on YouTube.

Suga and his reaction to seeing the ultrasound

The friendship between the two celebrities is very close, and that is why the American singer sent the ultrasound of his first daughter to the BTS member, and the reaction was so tender, or so it seems, because some ARMY have leaked an image of the rapper dead of tenderness on his keyboard in the computer.

A journalist asked MAX about who her daughter’s godparents would be, and she replied that Suga would be a great uncle, so the “UNCLE SUGA” as they have positioned it on social networks, will be a great example for the little girl, who still its name is unknown.

Without a doubt, growing up with Suga as an uncle, MAX’s baby will be very lucky, and we at Somagnews send a congratulations to the BTS singer, for this great news, and for the good that awaits him next year.

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