Suga From BTS Told How Other Celebrities React to The Group


Suga from BTS recently released a new episode of “Suchwitha”, in which he starred as a guest comedian Shin Dong-ep, who said that he was glad to invite Suga to his show.

The two celebrities had an honest and open conversation about their past, work, drinking and how to feel better the day after drinking and much more.

At one point, Shin Dong-yup touched on the topic of BTS popularity when they discussed filming “Let’s BTS” together. Shin Dong-ep admitted that he even lowered his head (as a sign of respect) when saying goodbye to them without even realizing it.

Suga then shared that since senior BTS member Jin had appeared on several entertainment shows prior to his enlistment, he confessed to Suga that people feel uncomfortable around BTS.

Suga then explained that with the general popularity of BTS comes a kind of respect from others, even other celebrities, which makes them feel uncomfortable and have difficulty approaching the group.

Suga shared that he and Jin had a similar experience, and sometimes it depressed the BTS members because they didn’t consider themselves unapproachable or uncomfortable.

Shin Dong Yup then said that the fact that BTS doesn’t give a lot of entertainment shows strengthens the group’s image. Because of this, many do not know the true likeable personalities of the participants.

Despite the fact that BTS has its own show “Run BTS!”, they do not participate in popular shows with a large number of guests. Suga then spoke about his colleagues, calling them funny and “completely crazy.”

Shin Dong-yup consoled Suga by sharing that he has observed throughout the industry that celebrities have started using more formal language with each other as a common thing and are even observing it among married couples.

While BTS’ track record may be impressive, the boys are still full of life and down-to-earth, which allows them to make friends in the industry over time.


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