Suga falls in love with his cute little dog, his name is Holly.


In case you did not know him, we present you Suga’s cute pet, his name is Holly and since his appearance in the public he has become one of the most beloved dogs.

Suga’s pet has caused a stir and has become a fan favorite of this incredible singer. Min Yoongi, Suga’s real name, has named his dog Holly, becoming one of the most loved among K-Pop lovers.

It was Suga’s brother, who has shared the photograph of this adorable puppy through his social networks.

Suga cares with all his heart for his puppy Holly, who entered his life to show him faithful love, in fact Suga considers that in his pet he found a great adventure friend who will never leave him alone, that is why despite from his busy schedule he gives himself enough time to live with the puppy.

Now, when BTS’s Suga is away on trips or concerts and he can’t take care of Holly, it is his brother who helps him take care of this puppy, he is very healthy, strong and cheerful, that is why through social networks he constantly posts pictures of Holly to share how he is doing and how happy he is.

Min Geumjae Suga’s brother

Min Geumjae is Suga’s older brother who is known, the singer is very close to him for being one of his family members who has shown him the most support.

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임금님 홀리

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Geumjae published on his personal Instagram account a new photo of Holly, in the image you can see the puppy of the member of the Bangtan Boys lying on an armchair, wearing a red king suit with everything and a cape, although he is lying on his crown.

Geumjae, in the Instagram stories revealed a video of Holly enjoying a delicious snack, showing that he is not only a very loved puppy, he is also a very spoiled pet.

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