Suga doesn’t limit himself when it comes to love


In terms of love, Suga has stood out for being clear about what he wants, that is why we explain everything about it.

Although no boy from BTS is currently looking for a romantic partner, due to his busy schedule, the one who has made his opinion clear about it is Suga.

Min Yoon-gi, Suga’s real name, is perhaps the most eloquent member of BTS when it comes to this topic, so he has had no problem speaking openly about it and has said the characteristics that he would like to find in someone to form a couple and even the kind of musical interests you would like your lover to have.

One of the things that Suga’s ideal person should have is to be peaceful but he would also have a great sense of humor, so if you are of a tough temper you will have to change. The BTS rapper claimed that he doesn’t laugh as much as he would like, so the notion of a couple who can make him laugh on a regular basis is very appealing to him.

Personality kills appearance, according to Suga

The Daechwita interpreter has revealed that personality is more important to him than appearance, he has even admitted being open to different orientations and different genders as long as he established a legitimate connection with the person, this in 2014.

“I focus on the personality and the atmosphere. I don’t have an ideal type and it’s not limited to a girl. “

And since Suga is considered to be a short-tempered member of the group, he wants a partner who can balance that with calmness and kindness.

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Musical interests

Suga wants someone who shares his likes. He once told reporters that he wants a girlfriend who listens to hip-hop more than any other genre, specifying that he likes the idea of ​​his listening to hip-hop with big headphones.

The BTS rapper admitted that his specificity may seem strange to some fans, but that it is a visual cue that always gets their attention. “For me it’s not clothes, but mine is a bit strange,” he explained. “A Hi-Fi (high fidelity) headphone. Kind of like when you see that people carry expensive electronic devices with them. When I see a girl with that kind of headphones, I’m drawn to it. ”

Another important point for Min Yoon-gi, which although we all know it, has made it clear and is the fact of traveling. Since he spends most of his time recording music or touring the world, so if he were to start dating someone, it would probably have to take the form of a long distance relationship.

During an interview with KoreaBoo, most of the BTS members agreed that Suga would be the one to attempt a long distance romance. The singer said that long distance can even better suit his personality than his daily routine.

“Maybe I would like the other person more if I’m in a relationship with a person on the other side,” Suga admitted.


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