Suga de BTS un chico que es fanático del baloncesto


Fan of the beautiful Suga from BTS? Did you know that in addition to his musical gifts he is an athlete? well, this is her favorite sport.

Min Yoon-gi better known as Suga is one of the most charismatic BTS members of the group but he is also recognized as a great artist, songwriter and rapper, but he is also a sports boy, who is a fan of basketball.

And is that Suga is one of the most beautiful and talented personalities in the K-Pop music industry, which has played a very important role in taking the BTS boyband to the place where they are right now.

But also Suga, as a soloist, under the pseudonym Agust D, turned out to be a musical revelation positioning his mixtape in the first places, however we did not know much about his sports side, but recently it has been revealed that he is a fan of a particular sport .

Suga athlete

We all know the credentials and potential of BTS member Suga as a K-pop artist and musician. But for all the fans, how many of you are aware of the fact that Suga is equally talented and popular for his basketball skills? Yes, readers, you have heard correctly.

Reports on suggest that Suga loves basketball and loved playing basketball as a student when he was studying. His basketball position used to be point guard or shooting guard.

Now that you know this, you don’t feel like playing a basketball game and feeling like Suga. Without a doubt, this South Korean artist never ceases to amaze us, since a few days ago we could see him repairing a door, so he is not just a pretty face.

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