Suga changed his clothes with BTS member


Suga and this member of the famous K-Pop group, BTS, surprise us by wearing the same clothes in a musical presentation, how lovely!

The clothes and pants worn by Suga and V when they appear on Iheart Radio are suspected of being the same outfit, but worn by two different people.

BTS has managed to become one of the best idols in South Korea. Not only are they popular in their home countries, but they also achieved a number of great achievements that have made their name so widely recognized on the international music scene.

Even BTs rapper Suga made history by becoming the first Korean artist to successfully sit at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks.

Suga and V surprise ARMY on Iheart Radio

Thanks to this success, the famous K-Pop group is in the sights of the whole world, including what BTS members wear whenever they appear in a performance by the public, including their style of dress. Recently, Jungkook appeared on Iheart Radio and revealed to us that there were actually outfits that were worn by two separate members.

V and Suga wear garments that appear to be a suit with matching patterns and colors. The shirt and pants are yellow and checked. V is seen wearing his pants while Suga is wearing the shirt. Suddenly, this was immediately highlighted by fans and quickly went viral on social media.

The ARMYs did not wait and began to talk about the presentation of the song Dynamite at iHeartRadio Music Festival, about the peculiarity of their idols’ clothes and about how cute they looked

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“I can’t help laughing” and “They both look so cute, they’re super friends”, were some of the comments most used by the ARMY.

There is no doubt that these guys continue to impress with the way they shine and the ARMYs appreciate all the adventures they share with them.


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