Suga BTS: Their Amazing Look Changes


Suga is one of the BTS members who has had the most changes in looks since his debut in a musical group, here are some examples.

Since we met Suga, one of the members of the K-Pop group BTS, we have seen him numerous makeovers, in which he has even played with his hair color.

Min Yoon gi, Suga’s real name, has been blonde, red-haired, has dyed his hair brown, with lights and even fantasy colors; but not only that, but their wardrobe styles have also changed.

The BTS rapper loves to change, and he is able to use prints on prints, plaid being one of his favorites and at the same time going all black without any problem. Even wearing a scarf he looks perfect.

Suga and the secret to looking fashion

As we mentioned in Somagnews, Suga is usually an attentive young man with his clothes, that is why accessories are essential for him, and he is known by his fans that, Suga loves necklaces, in his concerts he usually wears them in a great way. size, in addition to the ears is usually placed fantastic earrings.

In fact Suga is so open in his way of dressing that he also usually wears shorts, we do talk about shorts, and although we no longer see him use them very often we know that in the summer he will not be sorry to use them.

Once again, accessories such as headphones, hat, backpack and tennis shoes make the outfit worthy of the runway.

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And it is that these are so important for the look, that at first glance the clothes may seem very simple, but when you look carefully at the whole bag, the bucket hat, the plaid shirt under the coat that peeks out a little, it whatever makes his outfit look phenomenal worth falling in love with.

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For all this, we can say that Suga is undoubtedly more than just a musical artist, he is capable of imposing and creating fashion, which many of his fans continue to follow.


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