Suga BTS: The 10 funniest photos of the Korean singer


In these photographs Suga appears very funny so much that they will make you laugh, not to mention it here.

Suga, the rapper and songwriter of the K-pop group, BTS, is known for being a fan of fashion, but this time in La Verdad Noticias we will bring you a series of 10 photographs where this singer looks incredible but funny.

Although Min Yoon Gi is generally caught on camera being serious, there are times when he has been seen sporting his beautiful and sweet smile.

And it is that his laugh is so cute that Suga’s cheerful aura will invite you to be happy too, it is like a stimulant for the mood of the ARMY, that’s why we leave you the Top Ten of the funniest images of the BTS rapper .

Suga and his funniest photographs

In the first image you can see the youth idol, known as Suga with a super natural smile, of course he was captured in his best moods, how cute!

And although the also known as Agust D, Suga’s pseudonym as a soloist, is quite serious, so much so that he could seem fierce, he also usually appears with a happy face.

In this picture we can only say that he looks super adorable in his BT21 chimmy costume.

Showing his distinctive gummy smile when he smiles widely.

Yet another is that this gummy smile can improve the mood of ARMYs!

Appears together with exposed forehead, automatic smile!

Look, we also leave you this last photograph published in the official BTS account.

And it is that Suga’s charisma and cheerful demeanor not only entertained ARMY, but also entertained the other members. Min Yoon Gi, Suga’s real name, turned 27 on March 9. Together with Jimin BTS, Min Yoon Gi, he radiates a happy aura over the balloon palace. By the way, this was during their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” concert in Chicago. While displaying a cheerful aura, this calm-seeming member can be very active even more than the other members. How are you! Without a doubt, this compilation of photographs of Suga has returned your smile and is without a doubt a good stimulant to be happy for a while.

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