Suga breaks a new record with Daechwita and D-2


Suga continues to add achievements, this time it is a record for D-2, his most recent mixtape. Suga’s creativity never ceases to amaze us, he is a talented idol who is not afraid to challenge himself and show new proposals. The release of their D-2 mixtape was a success, but this music production continues to gain success due to its popularity.

Through his solo mixtapes, Yoongi has shown us his side as Agust D. BTS fans showed all their support for this idol and his individual releases, but the melodies that Suga has shown managed to win over the public.

This is how Agust D managed to climb the iTunes chart and surprise us with incredible results, but even months after its release, this mixtape is a source of pride for Suga and ARMY.

It was recently revealed that Daechwita reached # 1 on the iTunes chart of 100 different countries, but this success was replicated by the entire D-2 album.

Thus, Agust D became the first male solo artist to rank his title track and the entire album at the top of the iTunes chart in around 100 countries.

This is the first time this has happened, so so far, Suga is the only artist to have achieved such an achievement.

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