Suga being more agile than thought, repaired a door


In SOOP BTS see Ep 7: RM breaks a door and Suga fixes it again; Jungkook hugs Jimin while the latter gets pounded

Jin has great vocal talent which he has honed throughout his BTS career. At concerts, he usually shows it with great force and ARMY does not go unnoticed because although in 2020 we could not enjoy BTS concerts, many manage to remember them in past videos.

During their presentations they put the maximum effort as in each video and choreography they put together. They try to achieve perfection to give their audience a worthy show to enjoy and remember all their lives.

We are just one episode away from saying goodbye to SOOP BTS and in episode 7 we saw more of Suga and the BTS guys continue their adventures, but at one point they ended up breaking a door.

It turns out that before dinner Namjoon lived up to his nickname as ‘God of Destruction’ and broke a staging so Suga reached out to help and put his back where he was, thus saving the day.

And the BTS guys have been showing their culinary skills as they tried to make fried chicken and that was when things became absolute chaos when the oil in the cauldron got too hot but the chicken was still raw and Suga had a lot of fun.

Suga and Jin soulmates

However, the boys were able to rectify it and had another fun dinner where the members tenderly teased RM while Suga and Jin called each other soulmates.

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The next morning, we see the kids enjoying cauldron-cooked ramen, but Jimin skipped lunch when he revealed that he got hurt the night before while spending time with Jungkook.

And it is that both Suga and the rest of the members of BTS have had a lot of fun, despite a broken door and an almost raw fried chicken. That’s why we leave you some good moments.

In addition to watching Jin’s skincare routine, we see Joonie lovingly talk about his bonsai plant and how he cares for it. ChimChim finally felt better and even went for a canoe ride.


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