Suga and Max to premiere Blueberry Eyes MV


The song ‘Blueberry Eyes’ by Suga from BTS and Max will have an official video, these are the times for its premiere.

The boys of BTS have had a very busy schedule promoting ‘Dynamite’ internationally, the first English single from the K-pop band has gained great recognition for its artistic work in all parts of the world.

Suga from BTS and Max have a project together, both friends joined their talents and skills to create the song ‘Blueberry Eyes’, which is part of the American singer’s album called ‘Color Vision’.

Some time ago Max gave some clues that his collaboration with Min Yoongi would have an official MV, the ‘Burn It’ interpreter shared some images of blueberries, the name of his track with the rapper of the Bangtan Boys.

Max posted the premiere of ‘Blueberry Eyes’ on the YouTube platform, making official the news that all the BTS fandom was waiting for, the premiere of the official ‘Blueberry Eyes’ music video.

These are the times for the release of the video ‘Blueberry Eyes’ by Max in collaboration with Suga this September 15:

10:00 AM: Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador.
11:00 AM: Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico.
12:00 AM: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Paraguay.
1:00 PM: Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
6:00 PM: Spain.
This is the countdown to Suga ft. ‘Blueberry Eyes’. Max:

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