Suga and Logic could debut a new collaboration


Suga and Logic met in a recording studio and the American rapper talked about a possible collaboration. It’s been a few months since Yoongi and Logic shared photos together while in the Maryland-born rapper’s recording studio. At that time, the fans of both artists began to think about a musical collaboration between them, but after the release of their most recent record materials, that possibility was almost ruled out, until Logic took up the subject while talking with him followers.

The Contra interpreter made a transmission through his Twitch account and, in this space, he responded to many questions sent by his fans.

One of the questions that attracted the most attention was when someone expressed their curiosity to know what it was like to work with Yoongi and yes, in the future, they could listen to the work they did while the idol was visiting.

Logic announced his retirement from music a few months ago after releasing his album No Pressure, but despite this he left open the possibility of a collaboration with Suga, we will tell you what he said.

This rapper assured that when he and Yoongi were together they had a great time, he recognized that Suga produces very good music and has an incredible voice. Logic said that he thinks it is possible that in the future they will hear some of what he and Suga prepared when they met, however, he also clarified that they did not do a specific job.

Logic knows that sometimes people who think that artists of their musical genre should not have collaborations with pop artists, but he clarified that those comments do not matter to him, since no matter the origin of an artist or the type of music he makes Recognize when someone is talented.

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Although Logic announced his retirement from music, his recent remarks have piqued the curiosity of all those hoping to see his return and a collaboration with the BTS rapper.

On the other hand, Suga and Max are about to reveal Blueberry Eyes, a song they prepared for the Color Vision album, but this tune could have its own music video. Find out the details about this collaboration.


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