Suga and his true intention in joining Hit Entertainment


Talking about Suga is not only talking about BTS but also about success, talent and improvement, but did you know what his true intention was when joining Hit Entertainment? Here we tell you.

Suga is considered one of the shyest boys in BTS, but when he takes a microphone he leaves anyone with their mouths open when hearing his voice, especially his rap. Having Suga as a member of the most famous group of the moment, in South Korea is a real delight.

Did you know that Suga always jokes about how he was “tricked” into joining the band BTS? He says that his true intention in joining Big Hit Entertainment was something different, but always related to music, to become a music producer.

Min Yoon Gi, Suga’s real name, does not keep the secret, because it is something that surprises him, but it is not that he is disappointed or something like that since he always expresses gratitude for this turn of events since nowadays so much him and his fans appreciate it.

In fact, if Suga’s dream had really been fulfilled, his fans would not have the opportunity to look at the beloved face of this South Korean singer as he would be working behind the scenes.

Suga the rapper from BTS

But with his good rap, Suga stands out perfectly among the members of BTS. He is highly praised; so it’s no wonder he got so good, given that he was working on spitting rhymes long before he joined BTS.

Suga has revealed that he fell in love with rap when he was still in high school after listening to artists like Stony Skunk and Epik High. His love of lyricism and songwriting has led Min Yoon Gi to make many contributions to the world of music, both for BTS and other artists.

BTS fans love how transparent Suga is about his emotions and the ups and downs of being a pop star. Suga intentionally shows fans that even K-Pop idols face depression and anxiety, and fans have connected with the artist for this very reason.

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