Suga an emotional message to RM on his birthday


BTS leader RM celebrates his birthday, and on Twitter some of his fellow group members had a very interesting way of celebrating the special day.

The ARMY has gone crazy on social media during BTS leader RM’s birthday this Saturday, September 12, 2020.

For seven and more years before their debut, Namjoon has been the backbone of BTS as their leader, while his soulful lyrics and wise words have inspired millions of ARMY members around the world due to his feeling of ‘warm hugs. ‘.

On Twitter to commemorate his special day was Joonie himself, who posted midnight and treated fans with his photos. In the shared snapshots, we see another discarded take of the sexy look fully dressed in black.

He also shared two aesthetic images from art exhibitions he visited, while another sees him bonding with a little girl, the last of which had ARMY having a major meltdown. “Happy birthday to me,” Namjoon tweeted.

Suga congratulates the leader of BTS

Suga’s tweet was one of the most emotional for the leader of the famous K-Pop group: “Happy birthday, a genuine leader Namjoon-ah! #NamJoonHBD #ItsSugaHyung #OurLeader #NumberOneLeader #DoubleHappyEvents”.

Despite not writing a long text for RM, the ARMY assured that this little message from Suga, rapper and composer of BTS, is more than what was expected of him, since he has a serious personality like a “grandfather”.

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