Suga amuses ARMY with great scandal Nothing serious!


BTS’s Suga made it clear that he is no longer “the most serious of the group” check out this video that proves it.

A YouTube video shared by the Katoma Uwu channel made it clear that Suga sometimes casts aside his role as the most serious of the group to become a child who seems to have eaten a lot of sugar.

Naughty, playful and very lively, BTS’s Suga can be seen teasing his classmates or simply having a good time with his good friend J-Hope as he predominates in the video.

Suga amuses ARMY

We can also see scenes where Suga starts screaming like he’s crazy, with a very high-pitched tone of voice as everyone dies laughing.

ARMY’s comments

ARMY (fan club) could not go unnoticed this video and began to comment on the funny actions of good Suga.

“Suga passed the sugar”

“Even BTS doesn’t know what’s on Suga’s head.”

“I love when Suga screams”

“It made me laugh”

“Suga makes me fall in love with his behavior”

There is no doubt that each of the members of BTS has a unique personality and although they sometimes try to be serious when the cameras are pointing them, sometimes they cannot help but be themselves and get out of control.

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