Suga achieves a double All kill with Agust D 2


Suga achieves a double All kill with Agust D 2. The BTS rapper demonstrates the power of his alter ego. Suga achieves a double All Kill on iTunes thanks to his mixtapes.

BTS continues with the series of records on music platforms, whether group or individual, the boys have received the full support of ARMY with each of their releases positioning themselves at the top of the charts, we tell you all the details.

In social networks, ARMY is celebrating Suga, who got anAll Kill double with “Agust D 2”,all the songs on his album reached# 1 on iTunesin one country, a feat that only few know and he is the only Korean artist to do it.

Through the hashtag #AgustDoubleAllKill,the fandom shared messages of congratulations and support for the idol, who with 2 mix tapeshas achieved great goals. Suga’ salter ego, Agust D, is characterized by being directly raw and honest, who with his rhymes expresses everything that ever hurt him.

The idol has pointed out in his lyrics to those who once criticized him, in addition to breaking with the critics of the detractors of his past, songs that can be taken as self-centered, but it is only the empowerment that self-assurance has given him to be able to defend themselves through music.

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Despite the controversy that arose against him due to one of the singles of “Agust D 2”, Suga’s success has remained, which is good is good, slogan with which he described his mixtape once it was released .

It took Suga 4 years to re-release a solo album, but the wait was worth it, each of his er songs has been well received. ARMY claimed to be proud of the rapper and hopes that in the future she will continue to show his most talented and dark side.

BTS recently added several records to their list , making July one of the best in their music career. In 3 days your Japanese album is released and there are tracks that will make your long-awaited comeback in August, what goals will you achieve?


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