Suga: 9 collaborations that are a masterpiece


Although Suga is a part of BTS, he has also been a part of collaborations that turned out fantastic, such as the following:

Korean music is attracting more and more people around the world, but without a doubt one of the great idols of South Korea is Suga, this young talent has collaborated with other artists resulting in beautiful melodies.

To say that they are masterpieces is not enough, but all this is because Min Yoongi, Suga’s stage name, is a great composer so the lyrics of his songs give the final touch to any song where he is part.

In fact, it is known that, also known as Agust D, has more than 100 songs accredited to his name in the Korean Music Copyright Association, of which he is a member, that is why undoubtedly this rapper has been made a name in the music industry as a member of BTS.

1. Agust D: “So Far Away” (Feat. Suran)

Synergistic and powerful, the sounds of the duet send us on a musical journey of healing.

Suga brings out how difficult it is to have a dream and make it come true, while addressing the frustration and confusion that stem from it, while Suran comforts with messages of hope, singing that there is a dream for everyone.

2. Suran: “Wine” (Prod. By Suga and Feat. Changmo)

This time, the BTS rapper participated as a producer, making it his first time producing for a non-BTS artist. The track is a mix of R&B, hip hop, and electro-pop and tells the story of someone who remembers their ex with a glass of wine.

3. Lee Sora: “Song Request” (Feat. Suga)

“Song Request” reflects the loneliness that people can feel and that leads them to turn on the radio and match the song that is playing with their current mood. On this occasion, Suga was an artist and co-lyricist when produced with Tablo, who recommended Lee Sora to South Korea for this song.

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The song achieved a perfect all-kill on the music charts and topped the iTunes charts worldwide.

4. Epik High: “Eternal Sunshine” (Prod. By Suga)

This collaboration delighted the fans and was a great reward for both Suga, who is a huge fan of Epik High, the lyrics of the song are accompanied by a relaxed and wonderful rhythm.

5. Heize: “We Don’t Talk Together” (Prod. By Suga and Feat. Giriboy)

This time, Suga lent her art to Heize’s “We Don’t Talk Together” with Giriboy. The story of two people who have distanced themselves due to their lack of communication was able to leave the artists topping the major music charts and also win first place on a music show even though it was not promoted.

6. Halsey: – “Suga’s Interlude”

Halsey is a good friend of BTS who has previously participated in one of their title songs, “Boy With Luv.” This time, Suga was offered to be a part of Halsey’s latest album with an interlude with her name.

7. IU: “eight”

Two writers with a talent for words, emotions and mindfulness come together to bring us the masterpiece that is “Eight”, this song was so successful that it swept the charts both nationally and internationally.

8. Agust D – “Burn It” feat. MAX

What started out as a friendly get-together turned into an incredible musical opportunity for Suga and MAX alike. MAX’s English lyrics perfectly reflect their Korean counterpart and showed perfect harmony between the two musicians. But this was not all, “Blueberry Eyes” is her most recent song, the same that Somagnews  released in recent months.

9. “Dear My Friend” feat. Nell’s Kim Jong Wan

Last and not least, Suga collaborated with Kim Jong Wan for another perfect duo. Kim Jong Wan sings through the chorus, reminiscing about the good old days and wondering if things would have been different if the two friends had handled things differently back then.


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