Suez Canal Simulator teaches you how not to stretch


The independent developer Mythical City Games launched on Wednesday (31) the game Suez Simulator, which replicates the stranding of the ship Ever Given in the waters of the Suez Canal.

Provided as a “highly accurate simulator training”, Suez Simulator depicts the experience of commanding a 400 meter ship between the narrow Suez Canal, putting players to experience a captain’s routine while they must be careful with cargo and enjoy the Egyptian sights.

As with several games inspired by viral memes, the simulator is based on physics mechanics to make life difficult for players, and each wrong curve or maneuver directly impacts the value of loads, generating lower economic results and compromising service. Check out the trailer below.

According to the studio, future updates will add MMO systems, battle royale, FPS, in addition to RPG-inspired narratives lasting more than 20 hours and VR mode. Unfortunately, we already know that this roadmap is a bigger joke than April Fool’s Day prank, and our expectations for the AAA of the Suez Canal will be frustrated, but anyway it seems that GOTY already has an owner.

Suez Simulator is available for free for Windows and Mac at, and can be played directly in the browser or via download.


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