Suez Canal: Ever Given floats again and has bare-chested


The Ever Given container ship may finally be moved out of place soon, ending an almost week-long saga that was trying to unseat the vessel. It currently blocks the Suez Canal, one of the main commercial sea routes in the world

The good news this Monday (29th) is that the rear of the ship took off thanks to the efforts of other vessels and excavation machines that removed sand from one end of Ever Given.

He has even restarted the engines in an attempt to move a little more, turned around 20º and can now float again in the water.

However, the front section of the ship remains stuck and has now become a priority for Egyptian rescue teams. Traffic should only be normalized “in the next few days”, as the task has not yet been completed.

They should resume work over the course of this day, when the tide rises and facilitate the work of the tugs. If they are unable to move the vessel, another plan is to pour water on the bow to try to free it from the shore.

Remember the case

Ever Given weighs 224,000 tonnes, has a Panama flag and ran aground in the Suez Canal on March 23. The dimensions of the freighter are so large that it can even be seen from space, in photos taken by satellites.

The blockade of the site forces ships from all over the world to take a much larger route to take and bring products and raw materials between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean – which can even lead to delays in industries in various sectors.


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