Sudden Odor Loss May Indicate Carriage of COVID-19

In a new study by scientists in the UK, the symptoms of people caught in coronavirus were examined. As a result of the analysis, even if no other symptoms are shown, people who experience loss of smell can become a carrier of COVID-19.

Researchers used data from coronavirus patients from all over the world for their studies. Professor Clare Hopkins of the British Rhinology Association and Professor Nirmal Kumar from the British Otorhinolaryngology Association announced the results of her work in a joint press release.

Experts state that many patients who have had coronavirus worldwide experience loss of smell and taste before common high and dry cough symptoms. Researchers found that one-third of people who had positive tests for COVID-19 in South Korea, China, the UK, and Italy experienced a loss of smell or taste. For this reason, loss of smell or taste is thought to be one of the first symptoms of coronavirus.

Scientists say there are currently reports showing a significant increase in the number of patients admitted to the hospital with the complaint of loss of smell or taste without other coronavirus symptoms. At the same time, doctors in Iran, the USA, France, and Northern Italy reported a sudden increase in cases of loss of smell or taste.

Loss of odor may be one of the most obvious symptoms of COVID-19
Researchers warn people who apply to hospitals with a loss of smell and taste that COVID-19 testing should be done even if they do not show other coronavirus symptoms. “These patients may be some of the secret carriers that have facilitated the rapid spread of COVID-19 so far,” the press release said.

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In an interview with SkyNews, Professor Nirmal Kumar said that especially young patients experience loss of smell and taste before showing basic coronavirus symptoms such as high fever and dry cough. Gambling has therefore called for people who have experienced loss of taste or odor for seven days to test to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.



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