Such a wonderful sun: will Christophe take revenge?


The next episodes of Un si grand soleil on France 2 will stage Christophe’s revenge towards his ex-wife Johanna.

In Un si grand soleil, the latest events around Johanna will rekindle Christophe’s hatred towards her. The vet will now do everything to take revenge on his ex-wife and make her pay for her betrayal.

Christophe seemed to have forgotten the betrayal of Johanna with his friend Ludo. But the latest twists and turns around the lawyer have aroused her resentment. Now he wants revenge at all costs!

The current plot in Un si grand soleil will thus stage the rivalry between Christophe and Johanna. And this one will take on enormous proportions and never seen in Un si grand soleil!

Indeed, the ex-spouses will be linked to a murder case, namely the death of Mickael. If it appears to be a suicide to begin with, the forensic scientists will indeed conclude that it is indeed a homicide.

Christophe will therefore take advantage of this windfall to harm Johanna and cause her harm. A great opportunity for him to make the lawyer pay for his affair with Ludo and their divorce. Two birds with one stone !

Will the vet succeed in getting revenge on Johanna as he has always dreamed of? The interpreter of the character in Un si grand soleil has just given some answers in the press.

Such a great sun: Christophe ready to do anything to take revenge on Johanna?


In an interview for Télé Poche, the interpreter of Christophe Hubert Benhamdine gives clues about the turn of events to come in Un si grand soleil for his character and that of Johanna.

According to him, Christophe’s hatred towards his ex-wife still hides romantic feelings. “If it’s that painful, it’s because he still has feelings for her. He fell from a height because he was very much in love with Johanna, “says the actor. Did he fall in love with her again? Suspense!

At the moment, this is very far from being the case! Indeed, Christophe has a very strong hatred for Johanna and intends to make her pay for her betrayal. “In love, he sees Johanna as a predator and wants her to pay for what he considers a crime,” continues the So Bright Sun actor. Oh yes anyway !

The actor also explains that he is happy with the very mixed reactions to Christophe. “Comments about him describe him as creepy. It makes me happy that he triggers such strong reactions. It is also the validation of my work, “says Hubert Benhamdine.

The actor finally concludes with praise for Aurore Delplace, the portrayal of Johanna in Un si grand soleil. “She’s a really great girl, sunny, nice, happy. She has become my best friend! “. Very kind words for his playmate!


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