Such a wonderful sun: she reveals Claire’s secret Florent!


Maureillas has every intention of getting revenge on Claire in So Big Sun. The latter will reveal the secret of the young woman to Florent.

Maureillas lost a large part of her fortune to Claire and Myriam in Un si grand soleil. He will soon take revenge and reveal everything to Florent. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

France 2 is a big hit with Un si grand soleil every night of the week. For several days, Claire and Myriam have found themselves at the heart of a new intrigue.

Indeed, the two women thought they could steal Maureillas by entering her house, but they were caught. So the businessman did not hesitate to blackmail them and slept with Miriam.

He promised her to give her a life of luxury in Such a Big Sunshine in order to keep it in his possession. Nonetheless, Myriam disagreed and hatched a new plan with Claire as well as Elizabeth. They did everything they could to get Maureillas to buy Diagno Intel.

The three women managed to swindle him and stole 1.5 million euros from him. Elizabeth donated part of the proceeds to charity, but also gave Claire and Miriam $ 150,000. The three women believed they would be okay. Yet Maureillas has not said her last word and fully intends to take revenge.


In episode 517 of The Big Sun airing this Friday, November 13, Maureillas goes to OCI and goes after Elizabeth. Claire will be present and will provoke him in front of everyone. So it will really annoy the man who is going to take action.

Indeed, Maureillas will call Florent and tell him the whole truth about Claire and Myriam. He will talk about the many home burglaries and their scams. Florent will fall stripped and will be very angry with Claire.

In Un si Grand Soleil, Florent had just forgiven Claire for having cheated on her in the past. Nevertheless, these new revelations could well mark the end of the couple. Indeed, we can imagine that the latter will no longer have any confidence in Claire …

In the evening, Florent will ask Claire for explanations. The latter will have to tell him everything and will not be at all proud of his actions. So, will they end up breaking up? To be continued!


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