Such a wonderful sun: Johanna and Julien’s intimate scene


Such a great sun continues to thrill his fans. His love stories are not for nothing. Besides, an intimate scene has been skipped.

For several weeks now, there has been an air of love in Un si grand soleil. And for good reason, Julien and Johanna seem to be on cloud nine. Besides, a hot scene was censored.

Such a great sun meets with great success. Indeed, viewers very quickly become addicted to the series. Between a tailor-made scenario and a casting with very endearing characters, everything is there.

It must be said that at the moment the writers seem to have put the small dishes in the big ones. The mysteries intensify and the secrets are revealed little by little. Something to satisfy the fans then.

But that’s not all. Love stories are very present in Un si grand soleil. So, fans of rose water stories so served. Not bad !

Indeed, Johanna and Julien make live beautiful moments to the televiewers. The two characters are very blue flowers. Too cute !

After several episodes where the two lovebirds were turning around, they finally seem to have shifted a gear. The fans therefore fell in love. Not surprising !

But on screen, this connection seems censored. Indeed, a scorching scene has been skipped in Un si grand soleil.

Such a great sun: an intimate scene of Johanna and Julien zapped!


This Wednesday, February 24, a new couple was born in Un si grand soleil. Johanna and Julien have finally formalized. Very cool !

But this new story didn’t really surprise fans. And for good reason, the two actors then announced the news in an interview.

Aurore Delplace said: “She wants to believe it, but for Julien, it’s complicated. He is haunted by the death of Hughes, overtaken by his nightmares. He pushes Johanna away after their first night. It’s going to be chaotic. ”

In the last episode, the two lovers therefore gave in to temptation. On Julien’s boat, they then exchange their first kiss in Un si grand soleil.

And yet, viewers will not witness this scene. Indeed, they will then see Johanna’s feet approach those of Julien. The young woman will then stand on her tiptoes.

The production of Un si grand soleil therefore decided to cut this passage. But why ? Once again the Covid-19 has been there.

In fact, the resumption of filming was possible on condition of respecting the barrier gestures. And yes, they are never too careful. So that kiss didn’t really happen. Rather smart then.

A reporter from Télématin then explained: “We use liners when the characters touch each other or when they kiss. We also use actors who are truly a couple in life. ”

In any case, Julien and Johanna’s love story should quickly gain momentum in Un si grand soleil. To be continued.


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