Such a wonderful sun: Eliott is completely lost!


In the rest of the episodes of Such a Great Sun, Eliott will be caught between two chairs and will not know which side to join.

For several episodes now, Eliott has been at the center of the storyline in So Big Sun. He made the choice to avoid prison for his mother-in-law. But if you thought her adventure was going to end there, you were way too confident.

Because yes, Eliott’s hard life does not seem to end in the rest of the soap opera, quite the contrary. As we let you know, he had planned with Bernier to bring down his stepmother. The only problem, he probably couldn’t imagine falling for Sam’s spell.

This being none other than Alicia’s daughter. The young man falls in love with the young woman so much that he proposes to her. By making this choice, it is therefore almost impossible for him to bring down his stepmother.

Moreover, after several episodes of Such a Great Sun, he finally decides to throw everything at it, even if it means being rejected by his in-laws whom he appreciates so much now. Eliott was not mistaken … Because upon learning this, his stepmother turns her plan against him.

Trying to “offer” it to Bernier in exchange for his freedom … But the latter knows very well what Alicia is up to and then warns the mother of Sam’s new husband. In order to reason with him.

It remains to be seen whether that will be enough to avoid Eliott jail in the aftermath of So Great Sun. On this point, we have nothing to be optimistic about.

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Indeed, the rest of the soap opera will leave us even more in the fog. Because Sam’s mother will finally make the choice to reveal the place where his double accounting is hiding. In other words, everything the young man lacked to bring her down.

But will he resolve to throw everything at Bernier? And, in fact, to bring down his wife’s mother? It remains much less certain. Since the central character of the last episodes of So Big Sun does not want to disappoint his dear and loving one.

Despite everything, he will indeed have to make a choice. Because he cannot leave Bernier’s expectations in abeyance either. The rest of the episodes will therefore give us great tension. Leaving us in doubt about the young boy’s choices.

To be honest, if we had to put ourselves in his shoes, even we wouldn’t know what to do. This is to say the situation in which the son of Eve got himself. The latter, moreover, warned by Justine that she risks finding herself in the sights of justice.

Fortunately, his son seems to have more than one trick up his sleeve, as Telestar notes. Indeed, he would have already hatched a plan to get out of the mess he got into in So Big Sun.

It remains to be seen whether the plan in question turns out to be safe or not.


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