Such a great sun: Sam breaks up for good with Eliott!


In the sequel To So Big Sun, Sam and Eliott’s love affair is set to end for good within the coming week. Having the hindquarters between two chairs is never good. It is probably not Eliott who will say otherwise. The character of Un si grand soleil shared between her mother and her in-laws in the France 2 soap opera.

Indeed, if you follow all the episodes every night, you probably know what we are talking about. However, those who are not up to date should stop reading at this point. This article contains many spoilers.

So fans of Sunshine Know that Eliott has to make a choice. Throw Alicia, her stepmother, at prosecutor Bernier, or say nothing and risk ending up in jail. The fact that he is in a relationship with Sam, Alicia’s daughter, doesn’t help.

Fortunately, Eve, the mother of the young man, is there to reason with him and will do everything to save her son. In the final episodes of Un si grand soleil, she tries to find out about her son’s plans. In order to find out why he does not save his skin.

In the end, she’ll take matters into her own hands, with Justine’s help. She is going to visit Bernier to reveal all of Alicia’s intentions. The prosecutor agrees to give Eliott a deadline, but will he choose his mother’s side?

Apparently yes. In any case, this is what one can think of with what happens afterwards in Such a big sun.

Such a great sun: Sam breaks up for good with Eliott!

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Indeed, as we let you know, what blocked the young man was his affair with Sam. But in the rest of the soap opera, the love affair between the two will come to an end. So that could give the son of Eve a free hand.

As Toutelatele notes, some time after their marriage, Sam and Eliott will end their union. Blame it on the mother of the young man of Such a bright sun. This, acting alone, will reveal what her boy was planning to do.

Alicia’s daughter discovering the pot-aux-roses will therefore feel betrayed by her husband. It will take no less to get her off her hinges and end her affair with him … Because yes, in the next episodes, Alicia will indeed be questioned by the police.

This is when her daughter will understand the situation and realize that her man was playing a double game in order to save her skin. It remains to be seen what will decide the son of Eve …

These are all questions we are asking ourselves about the sequel to Un si grand soleil, to which we should have answers in the coming days.


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