Such a great sun: Maureillas trapped by Claire and Myriam!


In tonight’s episode of Un si grand soleil, Maureillas gets tricked by Claire and Myriam! We’ll give you more details.

In Un si grand soleil, Maureillas fell into Claire and Myriam’s trap.

If you missed Thursday November 12’s episode of Such a Big Sun, don’t panic, we’ll give you a quick recap. So here is what you missed!

Maureillas became a shareholder of Diagno Intel. The businessman then contacted Peter O’Neal to find out if he was still interested in buying his shares.

Besides, he wastes no time and arranges to meet her in the evening to sign the documents. He wants to close the case as quickly as possible.

Maureillas very happy, thinks he got a good deal and is going to get rich. The businessman then calls Miriam to celebrate the good news.

He has no idea he was tricked. But the character of So Great Sun has just been scammed.


In the episode of So Big Sun we discover that Miriam and Claire have trapped Maureillas. When Miriam invites Miriam for dinner to celebrate his affair, she realizes that he has fallen into the trap.

Very happy, she does not take long to call Claire to tell her the news. Indeed, the money will soon be in their bank accounts!

Elsewhere in Un si grand soleil, some do not have the heart to party. This is indeed the case with Claire.

The nurse is worried. She is convinced that Florent will leave her after his infidelity. But it’s not so sure.

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Indeed, for his part Florent is questioning himself. He thinks he hasn’t been there enough for her as the health crisis has made his life hell.

The couple then meet at the apartment to chat. Something they won’t do. Indeed, Claire and Florent throw themselves on each other and kiss passionately.


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