Such a great sun: Manu tries by all means to find Elsa!


Manu is ready to do anything to find Elsa in Un si grand soleil. He might soon discover his new hideout. Manu is looking for Elsa in Un si grand soleil. He will soon discover his new hideout and could finally find it. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Tonight fans of Such a Big Sun will be able to watch another episode. For several days, Manu has been looking for Elsa and seems desperate to find her. In this new episode, the latter will believe that she is in Montpellier.

So, Manu will go to Montpellier to find her and will even go to her hideout. However, Elsa will not be there and he will start to lose patience. For her part, the young woman will see him from a distance and will turn around so that he does not notice her, explains Allociné.

Panicked, Manu goes to contact Virgil and tells him that Manu has found his hideout. The man is going to tell him not to go back there so as not to put himself in more danger. He will promise to find her a new place very quickly.

Nevertheless, Virgil is going to waste time in Such a great sun. Indeed, Manu is going to go to the campsite to check on Elsa.


In this episode of Sunshine, Manu is going to lie to Manu and tell him that he has not heard from Elsa. The latter will not be convinced and Virgil will eventually tell him that he knows Elsa is in town. Yet he will swear he didn’t return her …

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Manu will be very worried about Elsa because he will know that she wants to do another heist. So he’s going to ask Virgil to tell him if he hears from her. Then, once Manu is gone, Virgil will contact Elsa to prepare a plan.

They are going to hear about highway pirates who want to get rid of their goods. Thus, the two characters of Un si grand soleil will try to put together a plan. Nevertheless, Virgil will not be at all sure of his situation and will not think he has enough time to prepare for it …

So, will Virgil and Elsa succeed in their new move? In any case, Manu seems to be on track to find her in the France 2 soap opera.


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