Such a great sun: Ludo about to say goodbye?


Nothing works for Ludo in Un si grand soleil! So, will the young man leave Montpellier following his breakup with Johanna?

Ludo went through a terrible ordeal in the final episodes of So Great Sun. Indeed, the young man decided to leave Johanna following their numerous arguments. So, will he take flight following his breakup?

It has been several weeks since the fans of So Great Sun witnessed Johanna and Ludo’s arguments. Indeed, the young couple can no longer expect and have therefore decided to go their separate ways.

In the last few episodes, the lawyer and the healer left each other on very bad terms. And they even seem to hate each other!

Many fans are wondering about the future of the characters in Un Si Grand Soleil. The interpreter of Marco therefore decided in to say more about the evolution of his character following his breakup.

Folco Marchi made many revelations during an interview with AlloCiné. The actor has also revealed if he is about to leave the France 2 soap opera!


The Sunshine Star said at first, “Ludo is a little pissed off but less than he might have imagined. No doubt thanks to her complicity with Alice, who saw the same thing as her. It’s really going to get him out of it all ”.

Ludo will therefore learn to relive alone: ​​“The days and weeks that follow will quickly give way to lightness. He’s going to move on. ”

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However, will the healer go to Patagonia and say goodbye to So Big Sun? According to Folco Marchi, this project is no longer relevant for the moment!

“He will realize that happiness is above all about being good with yourself. He will decide to go alone. But for now, he won’t be leaving. “.

Fans can therefore rest assured! Indeed, Ludo will still be present in Un si grand soleil in the coming weeks!


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