Such a great sun: Kira and Enzo getting closer


Kira seems to be doing a little better in So Big Sun. The young woman will even get closer to Enzo in the rest of the episodes.

Kira returned to Claire and Florent in Un si grand soleil. The young woman will stop running away and will even get very close to Enzo in the next episodes. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Kira, finally ready to put some effort into So Big Sun? In recent years, the teenager has lived through some big disappointments and continues to feel rejected. And for good reason, her mother abandoned her and she chained up homes and foster families. So, Kira did some big nonsense.

The young woman is therefore angry and has a hard time giving her confidence. Nevertheless, for a few weeks now, Florent and Claire have taken it under their wings. The couple saw Kira in her home several times before they wanted to give her a chance. So, they decided to welcome him into their home, but it was not easy.

Claire knew it would take a while for Kira to adjust to So Big Sun. Still, she didn’t expect her to run away and steal money. Indeed, the young girl tried to leave with her friend Zoe to Paris. They thought they could have a better life away from Montpellier.

However, at the last moment, Kira refused to leave with Zoe. She returned to the campsite to see Virgil and everything seems to be going better. The young woman has found Claire and Florent and seems more peaceful. She will therefore make a new start and will be grateful in the next episodes.

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On Monday February 15, Kira will still blame herself for running away in So Big Sun. She will have breakfast and will be very surprised that Claire and Florent still trust her. Indeed, the nurse and her husband will let her go to school on her own. In fact, Claire will take the opportunity to tell him that she wants to trust him.

This will affect Kira a lot, who will no longer want to betray their trust. In high school, the young woman will get closer to Camille during a cigarette break. However, the two teens will be pinched by the supervisor, who will ask them to return to class.

In class, Sabine goes to hand in the math homework and Kira will find out that she had a 13. The teacher will take the opportunity to congratulate her on her efforts and tell her to continue on this path. Enough to encourage Kira a little more to work and behave well.

By the way, at the end of the day, Kira will return directly with Enzo to Claire and Florent’s. The two characters will get along wonderfully and even be very close. Claire and Florent will notice this and will be delighted to see Kira open up to others a little more in So Big Sun.


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