Such a great sun: Julien and Johanna share their kiss!


Such a great sun is also beautiful love stories. After long weeks, Julien and Johanna kiss for the first time.

In Such a Big Sun, there is like a wave of love. It’s Johanna and Julien’s turn to exchange a first tender kiss.

Fans of Such a Big Sun are fond of love stories. So, with the series they are really served so. It must be said that the characters know how to be very blue flower.

Even though the storyline revolves around mysteries and twists and turns, the writers don’t forget to create a little love tension. Something to delight fans of history with rose water then.

And lately, it seems that they have put the small dishes in the big ones. Indeed, Julien and Johanna have been turning around for a long time in Un si grand soleil.

In short, Johanna puts her talents as a lawyer at the service of handsome Julien. And for good reason, his business needs a good defense.

Nothing is easy for Manon and Arthur’s dad. His marriage to Alice was a failure, so he ended up in a very toxic relationship. But do not panic. Today, the handsome brunette is a heart to take.

Thus, it would appear that Johanna did not miss this information. In the next episode of Such a Big Sun, they will therefore exchange a kiss.

Such a great sun: Julien and Johanna exchange their first kiss!


Fans of Such a Big Sun can’t wait to see this relationship accelerate. And for good reason, Johanna and Julien have been turning around for quite a few episodes. Something to make viewers very impatient then.

So, in the next episode this relationship will make another turning point. Indeed, Inès announces to Arthur that her father’s new darling is actually Johanna.

Besides, the young boy then goes to talk to his grandmother. Over lunch, he explains the situation to Elizabeth. She then loses her smile. She therefore changes the subject. Ouch!

For his part, Christophe contacts Johanna. He then reproaches him for playing on Mickaël’s feelings to achieve his ends. And yes, nothing is simple in So Big Sun.

Thus, the veterinarian promises to make her pay if she were to make the young man suffer. And yet, his ex-wife tries to change his mind. Not easy then.

In the evening, Julien and Johanna meet at the Savages for dinner. Victor takes all of this very seriously. He then goes out of his way to welcome them. So nice !

Afterwards, the pretty couple goes to Julien’s sailboat to end the evening. Thus, they exchange their very first kiss in Such a big sun. Something to crack everyone then.

Only a few hours left before discovering this magical rendezvous. To be continued.


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