Such a great sun: Johanna getting closer


Fans of Such a Big Sun are going to be surprised this week. A new reconciliation occurs. Johanna falls under the spell of Julien.

Such a bright sun continues to keep viewers spellbound. In the next episodes Johanna will in turn surprise everyone. She seems to be getting closer to Julien.

Fans of Such a Big Sun are very loyal to the series. Thus, they are always at the rendezvous on France 2. It must be said that the scenario is more and more explosive.

And in the next episodes, everything becomes more complicated for the characters of the series. Ouch!

For his part, Eliott continues to bring great moments to the fans. Since the start of his mission, the young man has known very difficult times.

And yet, Eve’s son is still very determined. Moreover, his mission has turned into a great family story. Not easy then.

Moreover, in the next episodes Eliott could well and truly have everyone back. Things will therefore get more complicated.

But Such a Great Sun is not just a great story of mysteries. Indeed, there is always love in the air. What to melt the fans of the series therefore.

And in the next episodes, Johanna could well experience a new romance. And for good reason, the pretty blonde seems to fall for Julien.


Fans of Sunshine Love love stories. Between ruptures and love at first sight, they are therefore served.

And soon, it’s Johanna’s turn to be very blue flowered. The viewers will therefore crack.

In fact, the young woman’s romantic past is very complicated. But do not panic. It then seems to bounce back.

Indeed, Johanna will then get closer to Julien. In fact, this couple is eagerly awaited by fans of the series.

And for good reason, Johanna puts her talents as a lawyer at the service of the business of Arthur and Manon’s dad.

It must be said that nothing is easy for Julien. His marriage to Alice is then a very toxic relationship. But from now on, there is then a heart to take in A so great sun.

And the lawyer is not missing this info. She then seems to fall for the handsome brunette.

Johanna’s romantic past is a hot topic. Indeed, she then had an affair with her husband’s best friend. In short, its reputation is well established.

In the next episodes, the young woman does not intend to stop there. Alice’s ex-husband and Alice are brought closer together. Indeed, the defense of the company L. Cosmetics is not over.

This story could therefore begin in Such a great sun. But Mickaël Beaulieu does not agree.

He then wants to win back the pretty seductress. But the latter does not seem very receptive. To be continued.


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