Such a great sun: Johanna and Ludo in full rupture!


While things were very tense between Johanna and Ludo in Such a Big Sun, the two finally decided to part ways!

For several months now, things have not been going at all between Johanna and Ludo (Un si grand soleil). The two cannot understand each other anymore and despite their attempts to get closer, the two will have to face the breakup.

Not long ago, Johanna (Un si grand soleil) had asked her friend, Sabine, for advice on saving her relationship with Ludo. The young woman then advised him to make an effort. And to do everything so that his darling comes back to him.

Johanna (Such a big sun) had tried to make an effort. During a discussion with Ludo, the young woman revealed that she would make an effort. She was desperate to spend time with her sweetheart.

The young woman even planned to take a trip to Patagonia with Ludo. Unfortunately, all of his plans fell through. In the next episode, fans will see that nothing is right between Johanna and Ludo.


Ludo (Such a big sun) shows himself more and more badly towards Johanna. He shows machismo which does not please the latter at all. She thinks he has changed and can’t stand this situation at all.

Angry, Ludo prefers to go away. He reveals to Alice some time later that their story has ended. Meanwhile, Johanna confides in her uncle that they have nothing more to do together. She realizes things about the couple.

Despite Guilhem’s advice, Johanna (Un si grand soleil) totally abandons her relationship. She calls Yvon to explain to him that she is ready to get involved in their real estate project.

For his part, Ludo is determined to make his life on his side. Things seem well and truly over between them!


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