Such a great sun: Jérémy Banster confides in Julien’s loves


Jérémy Banster spoke about Julien’s future in Un Si Grand Soleil. And surprise! The young man will soon find love!

Julien is about to experience a new love story in Un Si Grand Soleil. Indeed, actor Jérémy Banster has made several amazing revelations about his character’s future in love. Quickly discover all the information!

Julien has not been spared the last few months in Un Si Grand Soleil. The father had to go through several ordeals such as the death of Hughes, the departure of his daughter, or his divorce.

The character played by Jérémy Banster is therefore about to turn a page to start a new life. And it could well be that the young one finds love in the arms of another woman in the series.

Asked by Allociné, the actor made statements about Julien’s future in love. He then explains that the young divorcee is going to have an unexpected meeting: “It happens like that. He does not refuse it because he feels alone and not very well ”.

The character of Un Si Grand Soleil will thus be reborn after this story: “This story gives it a little lightness. it will allow him to start his new life ”.


In the next episodes, Julien will therefore bond with a new young woman. And surprise! This is a famous character from Un Si Grand Soleil!

Jérémy Banster admits: “He’s a well-known character. It’s quite surprising and I think a lot of people won’t expect it. They are not characters at first glance that we could have seen together “.

So who will succeed in seducing the young daddy following his divorce? The mystery remains unsolved! Either way, Julien should soon be backing up and living a new love life in Un Si Grand Soleil!

The next episodes of the soap opera may therefore surprise us! We can’t wait to learn more. Not you ?